June 19, 2012

DUH: It's not the car, it's the driver.

When the lease ended on my co-owned Honda CRV, I decided to adopt a car-less lifestyle.  Living close to downtown means I have great access to the city's subway, which makes getting around incredibly easy. No more circling the block a gazillion times looking for a parking spot, no more encounters with angry drivers at gridlocked intersections, no more parallel parking!

A car is a substantial expense as well, and contributes significantly to carbon emissions -- all great reasons to give up owning a car. And now, two months into my walking lifestyle, I'm still enjoying it.  I've discovered, for example, that I can get from my parent's home in Laval back to my condo in less time than it takes to drive.  And there's an express bus nearby that takes me right out to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, where I can meet up with another family member.  Easy peezy.

The other day, though, as I was subway hopping and shopping in the underground city, I was reminded of the main reason I gave up my car. I'm a bad driver! It's not something people tell you, especially if you've been kind enough to offer them a ride, but I know it. I'm aggressive and impatient behind the wheel.  As soon as I start driving, I feel a sense of competition.  I tail-gate, honk my horn and curse behind closed windows. It's not a pretty sight.

So I was surprised to see my "driver" emerge when a young couple, flirting with each other - holding hands, nuzzling, giggling - were wandering all over the mall hall, drunk on love.  I zigged, I zagged, but somehow they ended up back in my path.  I stepped back, stepped aside, yet again they wandered in front of me.  Finally, I pushed past them (they had no clue, of course, they were in la la land) and charged forward, arms at the ready for a collision.

And I realized the irony of it all - it's not the car, it's the driver.  And the driver is still in me. For now.

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  1. I also experience walking rage,although I try not to knock people over!


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