June 15, 2012

WRITING: Summer Workshop

Serendipity and the need for literary sustenance has lead me to another writing course, this one facilitated by Ilona Martonfi, a member of the Quebec Writers' Federation (QWF) and the organizer of Montreal's Yellow Door poetry evenings. The course is called Start Writing Your Book! and I'm hoping for motivation and support. We are five women, attending weekly for two months. I was pleased at the cross-section of writers that landed fatefully together yesterday; we are all very different in terms of background and experience. Each week, we will write, read out and critique each other's offerings.

One of the women in the group is a recent immigrant from Bangledesh.  She has a beautiful accent, and I was mesmerized listening to her read. She wants to write about her experience leaving India, how it has both colored and saddened her. As she was telling us about the final voyage, she began weeping. (This was after we had written our stories, coincidentally.) Something about her daughter... but that's another story.

I was reminded that writing is therapy, and that we benefit from writing through our pain. The page is a canvas for exploring emotions, real or fictional. When we left, all five of us heading down in one tiny elevator, we felt like friends already.

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  1. I loved your short story,have a very clear image of the little boy,tugged at my heartstrings.
    Keep up with your wonderful writing,it enriches the world.
    Love ya - Cathiggly


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