June 16, 2012

UPDATE: Shifting Comfort Zones

Moving into a new space disrupts your daily routine (disrupts everything, some might say), and it takes a while before you learn your new choreography.  We find comfort in our routines, and change is both unnerving and challenging. Putting that silly little red ladybug pot in its new place, for example, can trigger a pang of homesickness -- we cling to iconic relics along for the ride. Yet each new space represents an opportunity to rethink the habits we fall into, by fate or by force.

This morning at 6 a.m. I took my coffee onto the back balcony and sat in the light of dawn, clouds streaking pink over the treetops. Fresh morning air tickled my bare feet. I tucked into the book I am reading (Timothy Findley's Headhunter) and enjoyed an hour in my imagination. It felt like a vacation moment, liberating and indulgent.

Very few of the people in this condo residence use their balconies. Is it because they are so caught up in their routines that they have forgotten this wonderful access to the outdoors? Will I, too, succumb to the "busy-ness" of daily life and forget how easy it is to enjoy every moment?  Or will I welcome this new space as the tabla rasa it is, and use it to redefine my routine? For now, I shall approach each day by following my heart. This morning it took me away from unpacking, from rearranging, from the stack of accounting awaiting my attention - and  told me to relax.  Summer is short, life is short, change is the only constant in all of it.  Embrace it.

The back deck, facing east to the canal.

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