July 7, 2012

UPDATE: Seen any good books lately?

My new space has no television and no couch, and I was a regular couch potato. I would plop down at the end of the day with a cold beverage and relax into the world of televised entertainment. Not any more... I wanted to shake up my routine, save the cost of cable, and take advantage of new technology. Now, when I'm craving visual entertainment, I pop open my laptop, click on my browser, and enjoy non-commercial viewing any time.

The internet has music, movies, TV shows, documentaries, videos and TED.com. Watching without being interrupted by commercials is heavenly. Contrary to my television consumption (which felt that it had to be at the end of the day, and obviously in one dedicated place) I've noticed that I'm watching the way I read a book - turning it off when I've had enough, or gorging when I'm on a roll. As an example, I've consumed all four seasons of Saving Grace (Holly Hunter) since moving in. And why not? Now that we're not forced to watch what the networks decide to program, and without any marketing sullying the landscape (yet), the internet allows unimpeded entertainment of any kind. As long as you're consuming quality content, this is as brilliant as it gets.

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  1. Something to think about, how easy is it to view from your computor. I may be interested.



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