August 15, 2012

FACEBOOK: Redefining "in your face"

It's the oldest trick in the book. Build it, and they will come. We are social animals, and it comes as no surprise that, when someone builds a better mousetrap, we all scurry towards it. And then we're sitting pretty when the show begins, right? I get it! Facebook is a ton of fun, has become a useful networking tool, and for over 200 million regular users, it's a warm and fuzzy feeling each day, punctuated with affirmation (when people "like" what you contribute) and a highly-valued feeling of being connected. All I ask is that people remain aware of its value to advertisers.

As I work on the launch of my marketing blog and tell-all book, here's an article from another concerned observer. Read, be informed, and be aware. Subtlety is a skill that marketers have perfected.

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