August 27, 2012

THINK ABOUT IT: Life is Short

Whenever I hear the expression "life is short", I can't help but think that summer is even shorter. In August, people nod at each other whimsically, watching the month gallop past, already anticipating the colourful leaves of autumn and the cold snows of winter.

The expression "life is short" has many useful interpretations. It can be an excuse to have another drink. It may be the catalyst for early retirement. It reminds us of the passing of time when we reach our 50s. And it takes on its most significant meaning when we are faced with chronic illness or the certainty that our time on earth is limited. A friend of mine said, "If I knew the world was going to end in a few years, I sure as heck wouldn't be doing this every day." By this, he meant the work he did to earn an income.

But you can't go through life doing only what you love - right? I'm not sure, I'm asking. When I broached the subject with my wonderful mom, Beverly Beauchamp, she wasn't even sure what I was getting at. I asked her - "What do you love doing so much that time flies when you're doing it?" She couldn't think of anything. She's not used to thinking that way; she was married at 19 and a responsible mother by the age of 21, then a mother of four by the age of 30. What she loved most was sleeping. I have a memory of being quite young and telling her "I hate going to bed!" and she responded, "I can't wait for it." I was puzzled - how could someone want to go to bed? It made no sense to my young mind. Now, when I'm running around after my niece and nephew and trying to get them into bed, it makes complete sense.

I have made this a routine question to myself: Am I doing what I love? And if not, why not? It doesn't hurt to ask yourself the question, and to increase your self-awareness. If we follow a path to being our true selves, it usually results in each of us being happier. Happier people are just great to be around. They're also more open to helping others. Doing what you love is not being selfish. It's being honest.

Here's an awesome photograph from Shaune Thompson, doing what she loves, which is taking pictures for her friends. Seen from the long end of the Lachine Canal, the fireworks competition in Old Montreal blazes into the night. Life is short, summer is short, and it can be a blast. Be true to yourselves, my friends.

Shaune Thompson, Photographer


  1. Wonderful picture and yes, I agree that life is too short, don't worry ,be happy.

  2. Love this post A#@*$ Lorrie!! Very well written and as always - straight from the heart. love you! ox


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