September 5, 2012

NEWS: Fish be Damned; We Can't Swim!

We humans, in fashioning the English language, created the word arrogance to describe an overbearing attitude, or an assumption of superiority. I can think of no better word to describe the following media report in this morning's Toronto Star. With 20,000+ fish destroyed for some mysterious reason and dying on the shores of Lake Erie, this is our arrogant response.

"The question now is which agency is responsible for cleaning up the rotting carcasses of thousands of yellow perch, carp, sheepshead, catfish, big head buffalo and suckers, which kept untold beachgoers from enjoying their Labour Day weekend."

Who cares about the fish? Who cares about why this happened? Apparently, that's not the right question. Just blame someone and clean up the mess, it's littering our playground. That's just sad.

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  1. what is happening in this world, yes this is sad, people just don't care anymore...are people being born without emotions?


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