September 27, 2012

ART: Unstoppable

For those of you who enjoyed ballpoint artist Samuel Silva (whose piece was featured in a previous post), here is a link to an entire slideshow of artists who are, to put it mildly, unusual and unstoppable.

It's a reminder that we can express ourselves in many ways, with any material at hand, in any given circumstance. Included is an artist who paints with his penis (more sensationalist than realist), a dress made entirely of rubber bands, art from chicken wire, carved pumpkins, miniature fantasy worlds and a few child prodigies on the verge of being exploited.

One of the more unusual is featured below - this made me laugh out loud - an artist who works with fingernails and baby teeth. Who knew? Enjoy the slideshow. What have you created lately?

Artist Judith G. Klausner made this out of fingernail clippings and baby teeth.

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