October 19, 2012

NEWS: Bear Naked!

Did the typo in the title get your attention? Mistakes often do. Here's a title mistake that definitely got noticed. The graphic designer used a common technique that allows the visual to overlap the magazine masthead. My guess is that this issue of Where magazine out of Orange County, California (a local tourist guide) will sell better than usual.


  1. Now that is a bad mistake. I can't believe (actual I can) that this got by the entire department and production.

  2. Hi Lorrie

    I think there's a perfectly logical explanation to this 'mistake'.

    As I see it, the girl was seeing one of the post-production people.
    Then one night, when they were playing around with flashlights, under the bed sheets(?), he stumbles upon a tattoo when there wasn't one the previous week.
    A backside illustration saying 'Dave' or 'This Belongs to Dave' or some such expression of male macho piggishness.
    Now I'm guessing, but there could have been other names as well - I wasn't there. (And I'm not sure my wife would let me go even if I had an invitation. But it never hurts to ask.)

    So he decides to get even with the girl, in a clever post-production way.
    You know how it goes, emerald turns into scarlet red, no less than four (read 'em - 4) vertical ovals (don't know how she's going to react to that one) show up to her right and an 's' suddenly shows up in an inconvenient location on her personal body.
    And then to top it all off, he has her looking to her left in the general direction of a big yellow-ocher PLUS sign. Nothing left to the imagination, is there?

    What a nea... terrible thing of him to do to a girl. She'll probably never find a job again. Unless some social media thing grabs it and turns it into a digital iteration and a major garment malfunction. I can see it going viral as I'm typing this out.
    Yes, and there's probably money involved as well, for some reason.

    That's Orange County for you. Anything goes down there.

  3. What a hoot, however if i was the model i would be pissed as it seems like they are calling her a whore...ha ha....heads are a rolling maybe...


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