December 21, 2012

NEWS: Women in India Speak Up About Rape

I have trouble breathing when I read reports like the one below. I have trouble making sense of it. I'm filled with dread and horror and a primal need for answers. I don't want to lay blame, but it's getting really difficult to not point out the obvious: that 99% of the world's violence is perpetrated by the male gender (it's not that women don't do terrible things, don't get me wrong, but the numbers are staggering).

Rape is the most inexcusable behaviour in the world, along with genital mutilation and other sexually-related impositions on innocent youth, including, as far as I'm concerned, circumcision of male infants.

The excerpt below is from Slate magazine's coverage of a protest in India, where women are saying - Enough! What do we have to do - neuter all men at birth? This latest protest is after a recent incident in which a female medical intern was gang-raped on a bus (even the driver took a turn), beaten almost to death and tossed onto the street. She's fighting for her life, although her life will most certainly never be the same again. The act of rape cannot be defended in any way whatsoever. It has no place in any society ANYWHERE. Yes, I'm shouting inside. This has to stop. If you have a daughter, think about it. If you have a son, sit down and talk to him RIGHT NOW. We have to begin somewhere.


Hundreds gathered outside of India Gate to stage a candlelight vigil on Wednesday evening, but not everyone is convinced that the latest attack will change anything. “People are appalled. And they want instant justice. Chemical castration. Public hanging. Stoned to death. Anything will do. But what has happened is sheer reflection of the way India has evolved. Women being raped day in and day out is a story of Indian evolution,”writes journalist Vivek Kaul. Kaul is describing a country where, almost exactly two years ago, a 13-year old girl was gang-raped by four boys. After they left her by the side of the road to die, she crawled into a brick kiln, where she was found and raped by two other men. Later, she was found and raped by a rickshaw driver, only to be abducted and raped for another nine days by a truck driver and his accomplice. The sad fact that still more gang-rapes have been reported since Sunday's bus attack seems to further confirm that Indian women will continue to stock up on pepper spray and suffer this undeserved short straw in life. India, according to Kaul, is a lost cause.

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