December 2, 2012

RANT: Failed Griffintown Petition

Despite a massive petitioning effort by locals, development continues in and around trendy Griffintown, just south of Montreal's Bell Centre. As you can see below, what used to be a scenic bike path along the Lachine Canal is soon to be someone's expensive penthouse view. The green space that spread out nicely towards the city in the back has been expropriated, the canal diverted, and the picnic area gone.

Astonishingly, the City of Montreal has approved no less than six (6) huge condominium developments in the area. This includes the expansion and removal of several streets, creating 5,000 parking spaces, several 17-story towers and a projected 1,000,000 sq. ft. of commercial space.

Shaune Thompson, Photography 


  1. Why are you astonished? The city is allowing all this construction to get more tax dollars. Forget the beautiful green space, the boardwalk, the picnic areas, the bike paths... none of that is profitable...


  2. Well, FH, that explains it! Thanks for pointing out that profitability comes first. Gosh, I keep forgetting.:)


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