January 29, 2013

CULTURE: A Turning Tide

As I get ready to launch Marketing, My A**, I find my head filled with statistics, stories, historical anomalies, lies, lies and more strategies. What a journey it has been, researching and writing this manifesto! I can't wait to offer it to friends and family, if only to get some much-needed perspective. Of course, once this is done and out in the cloud, I will probably get more feedback than I want. I've been monitoring authors, blogs and web sites, and have noticed that people are getting VERY comfortable with frank, open comments on the Internet. I must be prepared for criticism, questions and confrontation, if necessary.

I'm just as convinced, however, that the message in the book is valid, and that it has a chance of getting read by enough readers to make it worthwhile. As some of you know, I have been working on this manuscript off and on for almost two years (which is not a long time, relatively speaking, for authors and books).

So much for my book plug. Has anyone else noticed that the virtual world has become more attractive than the real world? Are we all avoiding our real-life friends in favour of our Facebook time and Netflix buddies? Fans of the Matrix film trilogy must be secretly happy that this science-fiction nightmare might actually come to fruition - all of us plugged into a virtual world with no knowledge of our bodies lying in stasis, or of the "controllers" who are manipulating our illusions. Scarier than zombies.

A closed down shop in Nottingham after the record shop business went bust. (Lewis Stickley/PA Wire)

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