January 5, 2013

FUN: Dance Like Nobody's Watching

I mentioned to someone lately how much I enjoy skipping instead of walking - when you're skipping, you feel light in mass and you create a great momentum. Yet most of us are too shy to skip down the street as adults - it would look ridiculous, right? It goes into that category of "sad but true." I have managed to jiggle to the beat of my inner eardrums, though, when listening to my MP3 player and standing on the metro platform, and I've even boogied with a metro pole or two, also with my earplugs firmly attached. I've learned to care less what people think, the operative word being "less." I have a long way to go.

Here's a great video of a gal who's not afraid to let it all hang out. Look how the man in the hat refuses to turn around and watch. In fact, most people don't turn around to enjoy the show. It's astonishing how we sabotage our own sense of wonder and miss out on some of life's loveliest moments because we are socially awkward and fear ridicule. I say - GO FOR IT.



  1. love this video! something i would do....I say absolutely skip more, who cares what others think, as long as your soul is singing, dancing and smiling! I saw you skip today in Lachine.

  2. Shyness, one of the bashful emotions, is a reaction typical of those uncomfortable with their immediate environment.
    It is immensely rewarding to be able to give free reign to one's natural drives.
    Still, I have yet to see an individual break wind in the middle of a very crowded bus and then berate the person in front. Haranguing a mark on the necessity of social propriety is an essential skill, and is elemental in helping foster one's own sense of confidence. Shouting into someone's ear, at top volume, is quite a liberating feeling and is an excellent way of boosting one's sense of assurance.
    I, for one, am stymied in that respect as I do not use public transport. But then, as is so often true in life, my loss is someone else's gain.

  3. Thanks, Susan and George, for your observations. The next time I'm skipping and I bump into George, I will be prepared for his loud shouting, as a form of free expression. Let it all hang out!

  4. Blurry-eyed Monday morning is the perfect time to read this post. And at -15, dancing may be the only way to stay warm. Thanks for starting my day off with a bang, Lorrie!

  5. Thanks Nancy, so nice to hear your enthusiasm. Happy New Year!


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