February 24, 2013

FUN: Lessons in Letting Go

Life's balancing act requires some tricky maneuvers. As a control freak, I've learned this the hard way. Yes, I can build and run a business, buy and maintain a home, write and publish a book, teach myself anything I want to learn... but it takes its toll. Which is why it was so refreshing last night to spend an evening with my niece and nephew, and just relax into doing what I was told to do. Little captains of my heart.

"Don't sit here, sit there," my nephew Tyeson instructed at dinner. There are, apparently assigned seats. I had to sit in the grown-up's place. "No, sit here," said Kiki, my niece, pointing to the child's seat that she has recently outgrown. I was happy to oblige, but of course my large derriere didn't fit, which made them both giggle and snort. Silly adult. 

"Now we get dessert," they both told me after dinner. Well of course! Kiki fetched a bag of chocolates that had been tucked into the fridge. Each child chose two chocolates, that's the rule. Two each, and only if they finished their dinner. Which they did. 

"Aunty LoLo, make popcorn, it's time for the movie," was my next instruction. Again, I was happy to do as instructed. Hot buttery kernels and Toy Story, what a treat! These kids know how to live. 

"Now we dance," announced Kiki, who is taking ballet classes, "Put this dress on." Once again, I pointed out the difference between her size and mine. Somehow, though, I ended up with a ballet dress around my neck and flounces flowing over my shoulders. "Let's pirouette," said my tiny teacher. And we twirled around on our toes. "Now fly through the air like a bird!" she cried out passionately. So I did, leaping and lunging around the room, flapping my arms and trying my best to rise to the challenge. Big Bird would have been impressed. Kiki was delighted. 

"It's time for a story," declared Tyesen, after teeth were brushed, pajamas donned, elastics removed from hair, pull-up diapers in place. "Here's the book we want to read." Ah! The Princess and the Frog. Excellent choice. And we settled onto Kiki's bed, one little bundle of warmth tucked in on either side of me, to read about the adventures of a castle-dwelling maiden.

After Mom & Dad got home, and just before I headed out, there was one last instruction. "Come say goodnight!" cried the kiddies from their rooms. I ran up to provide kisses and got huge hugs in return. "Goodbye, Aunty LoLo, come back soon!" was the enthusiastic final order.

I don't need to be told twice. It's too much fun being out of control. 

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  1. Sounds like a perfect evening. Glad you had a good time. You and I should have an evening together soon. P3of5.


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