March 30, 2013

NEWS: Cops getting cocky?

No more excuses. I'm really tired of listening to people make excuses for corporations, cops and hormonal imbalances. And I applaud the Internet for making these moments viral and open for public discussion.It's not yet known whether or not the policeman will face charges, but the pressure is on from the collective.

A cyclist in Vancouver was punched in the face by a plainclothes cop (important detail, no uniform, could have been anyone) after he gave them some "lip" when he was stopped for biking without a helmet and going through a red light. Excuse me? Can anyone remind me what country we live in? Talk about over the top. See for yourself.

Most of the feedback from viewers has been on the side of the young man, but some people seem to think that the police should have the right to make this call. Again, if we allow instances like this to have no consequences, it is the beginning of a very dangerous slippery slope. Was the guy being sarcastic and smug? It would seem so. But that's not a crime. In fact, it's a healthy response to a bogus arrest. In my opinion, there's no excuse for this cop's behaviour. None.

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