March 3, 2013

UPDATE: The Frugal Life

My experiment in eliminating certain devices from my life - television, for one - has been illuminating. Except for moments of pure habit-driven nostalgia, I don't miss television at all. I'm no longer held hostage by network programming, I don't have to keep track of all the channels, packages and ad nauseum options like HD and other clever marketing pitches to get me to spend more, and, of course, I'm not zipping through or jumping up during commercials every 15 minutes. Someone said the other day "Did you see the Oscars?", and I realized that, having been shielded from all the hype, I didn't even take notice. Yawn. Big deal, right?

Of course, I'm saving a lot of money, too. My decision to get rid of a land-line for my telephone was a great one, too. Between basic cable and telephone, I am saving around $150 a month. And not suffering at all. I'm reading more, getting out more, spending more time with friends and family. Television can be one of those activities that make you feel as if you're wasting your time. And unless you are watching select content, you might be filling your head with nonsense. Garbage in, garbage out!

If you're sitting on the fence about television, it's a great time to switch gears. Here's a good article to read.

PS: I don't miss my microwave oven, either. And I never use my dishwasher. What else can I go without?

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