May 13, 2013

MUSE: Love is in the share

The smell of fresh-baked banana bread fills the air as I cut into a miniature loaf. A friend has dropped it off as a treat, and I'm touched by how carefully it is wrapped - first in wax paper, then in tinfoil, with perfect folds and tucks that speak to a baker's pride. Yesterday my sister handed me a pretty little jar of her home-made salad dressing, shortly after my mother and I told her how much we love it (my mother received one as well). Another sister (I'm blessed with three) made me an herb planter for my balcony, so that I can have fresh greens on hand all summer. Wow. And last week another friend handed me a gift of caramel sauce, because she knows I love it. Just because.

I am deeply grateful for these small acts of kindness. I am reminded that, as easy as it is to be mad at humanity when I'm reading the news or watching reports of senseless violence... most people are good and kind and generous and loving at heart. My friends know that I'm living a frugal life and they are showing support in the ways they can. It's truly awesome, when you think about it.

When we support each other and offer unconditional love (giving with no expectation of getting back), the ripple effect is significant. Just as anger is a virus that can spread, love is a warmth that can envelop an entire community. When we smile at someone, offer to help them, listen to them when they're sad or confused, or just show kindness with little gifts, we make a world of difference.

There's an expression: Love is a verb. It's too easy to tell someone you love them and then never do anything to show it. It's also too easy to overlook small acts of love or kindness. And we have to remember that time is a gift too, even if it's not wrapped up and presented as such. Time for our children, time with our family, time with a friend or colleague. Sometimes we miss appreciating these gifts because they are deceptively simple. And there's always a danger that we'll take them for granted.

So this is just a reminder that love is alive and well and probably sitting right next to you. Whether it's a stranger holding a door open, a child smiling up at you, or a friend cooking delicious things for you to enjoy... it's breath-taking how sustaining it can be.


  1. I will take the time to appreciate all the love in my life!!
    thanks for the reminder.

  2. A lovely post that helps me breathe.


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