June 25, 2013

UPDATE: CTV Streaming Sucks!

Thank you, CTV, for being so bad at live streaming. I wanted to follow some of your programs, even after walking away from television and Videotron a year ago. I appreciate that you are jumping on the bandwidth wagon and offering me free on-line viewing. You've sold commercials for these shows, so I assume I'm still earning revenue for you by watching, right? No loss to you.

Unfortunately, every time I went to the CTV streaming video website, it crashed. Froze. Or kept loading endlessly until I gave up in frustration. So I stopped trying. And now, several months CTV-free, I no longer even feel the need to scratch that itch.

In the meantime, the networks went into fallow mode - that ridiculous period when no new episodes are shown and all the stations gear up for their Fall schedule. Who cares about what's coming in three months? The Internet has raised the bar, and we want it NOW and FREE and FREE OF ADS. Too much to ask? OK, how about just NOW and FREE? I'll put up with the ads for a little while longer, until you come up with another way to make up the revenue. And I know you will.

But never mind. I've discovered the on-line world of indie videos, incredible documentaries, TED.COM and foreign movies. I don't want TV fare anymore. I feel better not consuming a steady diet of crime, hype, over-the-top drama and badly produced reality shows. And I can't get enough of this other stuff. Awesome.

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